Jerry, the kook of the snow world

Jerry, the kook of the snow world reached fame with the @jerryoftheday Instagram account, highlighting all of our wonderful failures on snow. All skiers and snowboarders are truly Jerrys on the inside, just some of us more than others.

A Professional Jerry is someone who manages to make a profession in the snow industry, enabling them to hone their Jerry skills whilst paying the bills. So that is me, a very amateur skier seeking to make some sort of profession from the snow industry so that I can ski as much as possible and dream of being far better at skiing than I really am.

If you wish you got paid to shred mountains all day, and you too can recognise that being a professional skier or snowboarder was always way (way, way, way) beyond your ability like me, then maybe the Professional Jerry life is for you too

See you out there Jerry.