Today was warmer than yesterday, but with a solid cloud layer, it actually felt quite a bit cooler. The snow down here at Togari Onsen had softened up early this morning, but fortunately, the snow cover didn’t look any worse than yesterday.

Unfortunately, those threatening dark clouds coming in from the south (weather from the south means no snow!) started to bring light rain with them in the early afternoon.

There are not many conditions I won’t go out riding in, but rain is one of them so it was back home for the afternoon. The rain stayed light down here and eventually dissipated. I haven’t received any reports yet from other areas other than to know it was also raining lightly up at Tangram.

Overnight the temperatures should drop, and we are expecting light snowfall. Hopefully, the snow starts falling quickly after the temperatures drop so we can enjoy the bizarre but fun conditions of dust on slush, and not dust on crust.

The forecast for this upcoming week is still changing, with the possibility of a warm spell again next weekend, but the highlight is the snowfall forecast from Wednesday. This looks like it will be another big one, with 3 days of snow expected and some big numbers in the charts.

Unfortunately, my quest to become a Professional Jerry still has a few hurdles to get over and today will be my last snow report of the 2020 season as I have meetings for the next few days before returning to Melbourne this week.

Thank you to all the wonderful people I have met and spent time with this season. We are now a lot closer to our goal of buying a ski lodge in Japan, and once the dust settles on this season I look forward to posting some updates.