After a few days of work and travel that we committed to when the forecast was for several days of heavy rain, today we had time to get back on the snow. Fortunately, despite the constant double-digit temperatures of the last few days, the rainfall was minimal so the damage to the snowpack is not as bad as it could have been. That said, it is not looking too pretty out there.

This morning was cooler than the last few days, with overnight temperatures about 2c. Just warm enough to stop any freezing, and perfect temperatures for groomer laps and then warming up throughout the day for some slush runs. Cover at Togari remains great, there are a few rollers with exposed dirt or grass, but these are relatively small and easy to avoid. A few cracks have opened up on the steeper faces, and off-piste has a lot of exposed cracks in the terrain convexities and valleys.

This afternoon saw very light snow starting to fall, with moderate snowfalls expected tonight. Temperatures will remain low for the next few days, so fingers crossed tonight and tomorrow sees enough snowfall for us to get out and enjoy some backcountry again in the next few days.